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Once someone steps foot in our shop we make sure to treat them like family. We understand that you have options when it comes to Grocery Store businesses. We guarantee to give you quality products and amazing customer service.

Our first store was established in 2006 located at the 1841 W. Henderson road, Columbus, Ohio 43220. It is strategically located at Arlington Square Shopping Plaza. Since the inception of our first store, it has grown tremendously to become a brand that provides the central Ohioans with exceptional quality food products from many different Asian Countries. Many Thanks to our loyal customers for your support and loyalty throughout many years of our Business. With the growth, we begin to challenge ourselves and begin to question the possibilities that we can to cater to the International Community. Hence, we decided to conduct our own internal research, develop a plan and eventually open another bigger store with the same ideology "to serve, to provide, and to satisfy our customers”. On January 19, 2018, Sunrise International Market was opened for the public and we have been working very hard every day to provide the best for our Customers.

Come by today and  experience the Sunrise International Market goodness for yourself!

Both of our stores feature convenient access to major highways, large parking spaces, and convenient public transportation. We pride our store for its cleanliness, freshness of our product offerings, quality of our product offerings, as well as ease of finding products within the store.

Sunrise International Market features many Asian products that our sister company currently serves plus many different products from many different countries.

Sunrise International Market

4030 W. Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43228


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